Saving Your Green by Going Green

Saving your green by going green

Bank OZK is committed to protecting customers', and the world's, resources with smart, strategic and sustainable practices.

Leading the industry:

Our 247,000-square-foot state-of-the-art corporate HQ includes:

  • Programmable LED lights to eliminate unnecessary energy usage
  • Low-flow plumbing to conserve water
  • Energy-efficient HVACs and a light-colored roof to minimize heat load
  • On-site water collection systems
  • Centralized recycling receptacles
  • Filtered water stations and bank-provided stainless steel cups to reduce plastic waste
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Native landscaping that minimizes water use, pesticides and energy-inefficient upkeep

We've also outfitted our new and renovated branch locations with LED lighting, motion sensor switches and high-efficiency HVACs.

Solar Panel Array

Powering the future with solar

Bank OZK's $6-million solar power plant will generate more than 8 million kilowatts of renewable energy annually to offset electricity usage at our corporate headquarters and up to 40 branch locations across Arkansas.

"An industry innovator, Bank OZK has a bold vision for the future, which includes a strong commitment to sustainable and clean energy. This solar power plant will allow us to reduce our carbon footprint by 160,000 tons over the next 30 years."

— Tim Hicks,
Chief Credit & Administrative Officer

About our 11,000-panel solar array.

Reducing our carbon footprint

With our new shredding and recycling initiative, we recycled nearly 600,000 pounds of paper in one year alone. We've also launched new technologies, such as teller image capture, to digitize our corporate and branch processes and eliminate paper waste.